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    How to Stream Music from a Cell Phone to a Pair of Wireless Speakers

    Cell phones are great way to store a personal music collection. Modern phones have plenty of memory which allows storing thousands of songs. Obviously, you can also stream music via a wireless Wi-Fi signal. There are plenty of online radio stations which offer apps that can be downloaded onto a cell phone. You can get these apps either from the radio station itself or by visiting the app store or the Google play store. Just type in the name of your favorite online radio station and you should be able to locate the correct app.

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    When you’re on the go you most likely are going to listen to your music collection via earbuds. However, I will discuss using some wireless loudspeakers for streaming music from a cell phone. Loudspeakers have much better sound quality than earbuds. However, they’re not that …

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    How to Add Fun to Your Next Party

    Summer is almost over. Chances are that you may have had a few parties outdoors these last few months. If you are lucky enough to have enough space outside of your house, then why not invite some friends over on Sunday and have a barbecue. August is usually very hot and thus September might be even better for having such a party. Let me show you some ways of adding some fun to your next party.

    Outdoor games are a good way to enjoy your friend’s company. Especially if your friends have kids then why not organize some games which they can participate in during a party. I would suggest making up a schedule of games which you have intend to play. You might even want to have somebody moderate your event. If you have enough space then why not …

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    How to Avoid Mistakes When Purchasing a Pair of Wireless Speakers

    Since there are so many different models of wireless speakers on the market, it makes sense to do one’s homework before running out into a store. In this article, I’m going to provide you with some very basic background information which nonetheless can prove helpful when making a choice.

    Obviously when picking some speakers it is always a good idea to give them a listen. Your local retailer can probably help you out in that regard. Just make sure that during the listening test you was sitting at the same distance as you would be when the speakers where set up in your home. Also, try to make sure that the location of the speakers in the dealer showroom is similar to the location where you are planning to set them up at home.

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    That is quite important because the …